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Benjamin Ferguson
Outstanding Senior, School of Dance

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November 17, 2019
Stevie Eller Dance Theatre

Choreography: Elizabeth George-Fesch
Music: Henry Hadley, “Meditation”
Costume Design: Kristen Wheeler
Lighting Design: John Dahlstrand
Set Design: Ryan Moore
Rehearsal Assistant: Jessie Crown and Alexandra Demetriades

Musicians: Theodore Buchholz, cello and Suzanne Knosp, piano

Dancers: Haley Hartsfield, Ally Hauke, Krystn Janicek, Allyson Mann, Nicole Miera, Mia Rosin, Sandy Strangis

Degree Candidates

School of Dance

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Emigdio Arredondo Martinez

Thesis: Estudio Esencial de Identidad No. 1 2020 (con Cariño pa' la Gente Diaspórica y pa' Mi Mismo)
Thesis Director: Autumn Eckman

Benjamin Joseph Ferguson

Magna Cum Laude